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How to Buy

A guide on where and how to acquire Glow v2 on various swaps and exchanges.

Direct Buy

Services that allow direct buy of GlowV2 without having to swap BNB.

Direct Buy - Supports U.S.


Directly buy GlowV2 using a debit or credit card. Supports U.S. Best Choice.

Direct Buy - Non U.S.


Directly buy GlowV2 using a debit or credit card. Non-USA. *

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Decentralized Swaps

Swaps that work pretty much in any country except where prohibited.

Easy - Popular


The go-to for many people as it's very popular and easy to use.

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Easy - Popular


Swap through Affinity's ADAPT platform. Search for GlowV2 in drop-down box.

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The most well known and trusted but requires a bit extra work.

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Another option to swap on. Not widely popular but it's here.

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* Indacoin may take some time to process. Usually a few minutes to a couple of hours, so please be patient :)

Swap Contract

We have a swapper contract! Simply send BNB (Smart-Chain) to the contract address below and you'll receive Glow v2 in return! Click the address to copy it.



Although this is the fastest method available, you'll need to have Smart-Chain BNB. Sending anything other than Smart-Chain BNB will result in loss of funds that can not be recovered!

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